The life is theater, so let’s go on the stage! Venice 2015 – an INCREDIBLY MAGNIFICENT CARNIVAL

A fabulous revelry, a huge public banquet, and a visual abundance made up of multi–coloured masks, and extra-ordinary costumes, as well as the live music which takes place every corner of the streets.

All these remind me of the Venice Carnival. People from different religion come to Venice to take part in such amazing festival at which there are numerous activities that the visitors can indulge in. If you want, you can either don a mask or paint your face as the others do and walk down the streets listening to the live music and dance. Or if you wish, you may join the group in gambling dance. In addition, theatrical events are held in Venice for the carnival. Therefore watching a play at the theater is strongly advised and one more thing, the frittella – type of doughnut, which is only made over the Carnival period. As you can guess, mask is a central feature of the carnival and the contest for the best mask, which comes about at the last weekend of the carnival, is one of the most intriguing events.

The carnival is essentially a religious event and means a farewell to meat. Before the Lent, people have rich food consists of meat, dairy products, eggs, fruit that they can not eat at Lenten period.

The next one will be held between the 30th January and 9th February in 2016, since it is dictated to religious calendar.

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