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Ljubljana to Portoroz private transfers

Standard private transfer, 1-3 persons, 105,00€/vehicle
Standard private transfer, 4-8 persons, 140,00€/vehicle


We offer private transfers from Ljubljana to Portoroz. You can also order other way Portoroz to Ljubljana with us, as well as any other place in Slovenia


Our tip:  On you private transfer from Ljubljana to Portoroz you can add Postojna cavePredjama castle, Lipica stud farm, Skocjan caves park as your stoping points for sightseing and combine your trip to best suits and to get most out of it. 


Portoroz (Italian Portorose), literally "Port of Roses", is a coastal town in Slovenia and one of the country's largest tourist areas.

The town and surrounding areas are served by Portoroz International Airport which is located in nearby village of Secovlje.

Portoroz belongs to the coastal municipality of Piran, located in the southwest of the Gulf of Trieste (at the northern-most point of the Adriatic Sea) between the boundaries of Italy to the north and Croatia to the south. The municipality is not so well protected against bora wind, as is near city of Trieste. Thanks to that, Portorose is about 2 degrees cooler on average, with especially colder nights.

Portorož hosts annual Festival of Slovenian Film (Festival slovenskega filma) with Vesna awards being awarded for best achievements in Slovenian cinematography.

Since 1961, Portoroz also hosts a contemporary art biennale and the International Sculpture Symposium Forma Viva. The works are on display in a sculpture park in the village of Seca.


The distance from Portoroz to Ljubljana is around 120 km and the journe takes 1h and 30min.

The average cruise speed is 100 km/h.

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